Schools Offering Accredited Doctoral Degrees Online


Students’ demands are changing the world of education. Traditional universities are finding that in order to attract many modern professionals, they need to offer online courses. It’s now possible to earn graduate certificates online from Cornell, and some prestigious schools even offer full doctoral programs online. Here are descriptions of online doctoral programs at three top universities.

Boston University offers three online doctoral programs:

1) The music education program requires 5.5 semesters of coursework. Students then attend a one-week residency on campus to launch the final part of their program, the dissertation.

2) BU’s doctoral program in occupational therapy was ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report in 2008. Students and faculty in the program are paired one-to-one for the establishment of excellent mentoring relationships.

3) Boston University’s online physical therapy program leads to the transitional Doctor of Therapy (tDPT) degree. This program is available to U.S.-licensed physical therapists. The degree can be earned in just 16 months.

Columbia University offers online graduate courses in many subjects, and it features four online doctoral programs. For each of these, professors deliver lectures on campus and post the lectures online within 24 hours. Distance learners and professors interact primarily by e-mail. Columbia’s online doctoral programs include:

1) Computer science

2) Electrical Engineering

3) Industrial Engineering /Operations Research

4) Mechanical Engineering

University of Maryland – University College developed an extensive distance education program when the university started running short of physical space. Most of its on-campus graduate programs are now offered online too. Two career-specific online doctoral programs include the Doctor of Management and the Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration. For dozens more options as varied as agriculture, comparative literature, and neuroscience, see the University of Maryland website.

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