Online Doctorate in International Business


Two main doctoral degrees are offered in international business. Students in DBA or Doctor of Business Administration programs prepare to work in government agencies and major corporations. PhD students train to become researchers and professors who shape the next generation of international businesspeople.

What classes do doctoral students take?

Doctoral students in international business study a combination of core business topics plus international business issues such as international tax law and cross-cultural communication.

  • Core courses are likely to have titles like “Ethics” and “Strategic planning.”
  • International business courses address topics such as comparative economic systems, leadership in multinational corporations, international cultural practices, and international trade law.
  • Some programs have fluency requirements too; students must master a second language.

What jobs are available to doctors of international business?

Graduates of international business programs are prepared for a variety of challenges such as:

  • Consulting with overseas governments and foreign businesspeople
  • Working in the US for a foreign firm or bank
  • Working for a domestic company in the area of mergers and acquisitions
  • Working for an international development organization
  • Opening a business and moving overseas
  • Launching an international business in the US
  • Teaching at a university

Which schools offer online doctoral degree programs in international business?

Argosy University

California Intercontinental University

NorthCentral University

University of Phoenix

University of Southern Mississippi (International development)

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