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The DBA, or Doctor of Business Administration, is a business equivalent to a PhD. DBA programs are research-intensive; they culminate in dissertations that establish students as exceptional scholars who contribute knowledge to their field. Many DBAs pursue careers in academia, but the knowledge they develop can also be applied to the workplace.

A related degree is the Doctor of Management. This degree is designed for people seeking leadership roles in public and private organizations. Whereas a DBA is theory-intensive, a Doctor of Management program is more concerned with the practical application of knowledge to real-world management issues.

Where do people with DBAs work?

Doctors of business administration can become business professors at universities. They can also continue to work for businesses and non-profit organizations. The top tier of administrators includes powerful positions such as:

  • Chief executive officer
  • General manager
  • President/Vice President
  • School superintendent
  • College president
  • Mayor

How is the job market?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that competition for prestigious, high-paying jobs will remain intense: the overall demand for top-level business executives is not expected to change over the next decade. Prospects are better in growing industries such as health care and are poorer in shrinking industries such as manufacturing.

Which schools offer doctorates in business administration online?

Argosy University

Baker College Online

Colorado Technical University (Doctor of Management program)

Greenleaf University

Jones International University

William Howard Taft University

University of Maryland University College

University of Phoenix

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