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Library science has become an attractive career for people interested in education and high technology. In fact, US News and World Report recently named “librarian” as a top career based on factors such as good pay, reasonable work hours, and low stress.

What do librarians do?

Librarians work in traditional libraries and for corporations. They assist patrons or coworkers, conduct research, build library collections/information collections, and classify materials.

Nowadays, librarians must be highly skilled at finding information not only in paper publications, but also in digital records. Daily tasks can be seen as sleuthing assignments, which many people thoroughly enjoy. At large libraries, librarians can also specialize in areas such as cataloguing, administration, or special collections.

In schools, librarians read to children and encourage a lifelong love of reading. Librarians at public and private libraries also engage with communities by organizing summer reading programs for children, moderating book discussion groups, etc.

In the corporate world, PhDs in library science take positions as information systems managers, corporate information coordinators, and digital media specialists. Examples of projects include preserving corporate records, providing a sales department with information about competitors, and locating information about clinical trials.

How is the job outlook?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that jobs in library sciences will grow at an average pace over the next decade. Since many librarians are expected to retire, the job market should be favorable to job seekers. Job growth is expected to be especially strong in the corporate sector.

How much do PhDs in library science earn?

Librarians work in settings ranging from elementary schools to universities to multinational corporations, so their salaries vary considerably. According to, librarians’ median annual wages were about $50,000 in 2008. The top 10% of librarians reported earning more than $81,130 that year.

Which schools have online doctoral programs?

San Jose State University

Syracuse University

University of North Texas (doctoral certificates)

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