Educational Psychology Doctorate Online


Educational psychology is concerned with how students learn and develop. Educational psychologists conduct research on teaching and learning, the effectiveness of educational interventions, and the social psychology of educational settings. Many educational psychologists focus on children who are gifted or who have learning disabilities.

Is educational psychology the same as school psychology?

No, but educational psych and school psych are sometimes mistaken for one another. In the US, educational psychologists are researchers and theorists, and school psychologists are practitioners in elementary and secondary schools. With the right training, an educational psychologist can find work in school psychology too.

Where do educational psychologists work?

In addition to filling research and teaching roles at universities, educational psychologists work as consultants in the private sector. They help design materials such as educational games and online courses.

How much do doctorates in educational psych earn?

Pay tends to be higher at universities than in elementary and secondary schools. In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that university researchers in educational psychology earned a median salary of about $84,000. Psychologists in schools had a median income of about $68,000.

Which schools offer online doctorates in educational psychology?

Although educational psychology draws from both education and psychology, departments are usually housed within schools of education. The following links lead to online program descriptions:

Capella University

Northcentral University (Exceptional Student Education)

University of Phoenix

Walden University

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