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Business psychology, or industrial/organizational psychology, is primarily concerned with boosting organizations’ productivity. This is accomplished by supporting the well-being of individuals and promoting effective interpersonal communication.

What does a business psychologist do?

Industrial psychologists take on a variety of tasks. Representative examples include:

  • Screening applicants for jobs
  • Analyzing work environments for efficiency and ergonomic comfort
  • Counseling employees about personal matters
  • Coaching managers about leadership
  • Providing advice during labor disputes

As researchers at universities, business psychologists study topics such as organizational behavior, staffing, and leadership development.

Where do business psychologists work?

Some psychologists maintain fulltime employment with a single company, university, or non-profit organization. Others act as consultants and have a variety of clients.

How long are doctoral programs in psychology?

Psychology degrees take an average of about seven years to complete. However, a dedicated student who studies online can complete a business psychology PhD program within five years.

How much can I earn as an industrial psychologist?

In industrial psychology, education makes a difference. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology reports that the starting salary for master’s-level psychologists is about $41,000, but PhDs in industrial-organizational psychology have average starting salaries of about $58,000. Psychologists in the private sector can earn $100,000 or more annually.

Which schools have online doctoral programs in business psychology?

Capella University

NorthCentral University

University of Phoenix

Walden University

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