Earn a Doctorate in Information Technology


The field of information technology encompasses a wide range of occupations: computer support specialists, hardware engineers, computer programmers, and many more. Doctors of information technology can find employment as professors, training newcomers to the field and providing continuing education to working professionals. Other popular jobs at the doctoral level include computer research scientist, information research scientist, and information systems manager.

Doctors of information technology are often in the position to make important business decisions. Consequently, information technology degree programs are offered by business schools as well as engineering programs and computer science departments.

How long does it take to earn a degree?

A doctoral student in information technology generally studies for about six years to earn a degree. The process could be accelerated by adding online classes or completing a full doctoral program in IT online.

How is the job market?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the field of IT will grow about 17% overall over the next decade. As for academic positions in particular, universities are expected to hire additional PhDs in IT to help train the growing workforce.

How much can I earn with a doctorate in IT?

Information technologists tend to earn above-average salaries. For example: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT managers and computer systems designers had median wages of about $118,000 in 2008; research scientists can expect to bring home $100,000 annually; and full-time professors have median incomes of about $80,000.

Which schools offer online doctoral programs in information technology?

Capella University

Colorado Technical University

Bowling Green State University

Nova Southeastern University

University of Phoenix (Doctor of Management program with technology focus)

Walden University

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