Doctorate Online in Project Management


Project management is a fast-growing career field. Project managers provide consulting services to businesses, governments, schools, and other parties. Working alone or with a firm, a project manager offers personal contacts, expertise, information, and tools that help the clients to reach goals.

Project management is interdisciplinary, so doctoral programs can be found in business schools, engineering schools, information technology departments, and other divisions of universities.

What do project management PhD students study?

Project management programs all rest upon core principles of leadership and organization. However, because of the diversity of projects that people take on, schools sometimes offer project management specializations in applied computer science, construction management, electronic commerce, and other areas.

Some common course topics in project management programs include: cost estimates, bid negotiation, risk assessment, and team building.

Where do project managers work?

Project managers work on a variety of problems in a range of industries. For example, a project manager could be responsible for developing a website, upgrading a firm’s computer security system, or coordinating the construction of a building.

How is the job market?

Project management is a highly competitive but quickly growing field. The increasing complexity of computers has spurred many companies to seek out project managers for support. Project management companies have also benefited from an outsourcing trend: companies are increasingly having work done by outsiders rather than hiring full-time employees.

Some consulting jobs may disappear during economic downturns, but on the other hand, companies sometimes hire consultants to help them cut costs.

Which schools offer project management doctorates online?

The following links lead to online doctoral programs in project management.

Bowling Green State University (technology management)

Capella University

NorthCentral University

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