Doctorate in Computer and Information Security (CIS)


Computer and information security is a subset of information technology. The field has rapidly developed as Internet communication and expanding information networks have posed new security threats to governments and businesses.

In CIS, what’s the difference between a PhD and a DBA?

People filling top-tier academic positions in CIS hold PhDs, which are research degrees. Examples include PhDs in computer security and PhDs in information technology with information security or information assurance specializations.

On the other hand, people who work for industry and government tend to hold

DBAs, or Doctor of Business Administration degrees. DBA programs are designed for workers in the public and private sectors (government and industry).

What will I study in a PhD program?

Doctoral students in computer and information security programs take core courses in areas such as programming languages, computer architecture, and operating systems. They also take electives in their areas of special interest, take independent study hours, and write dissertations in order to graduate.

Where can I work with a doctorate in information security?

PhD graduates are eligible for academic positions, industrial research positions, and government jobs.

  • Academic positions include professor and researcher.
  • In industry and government, computer security experts work as leaders, consultants, and researchers. Government jobs are concentrated in the Department of Commerce, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Defense. These groups are especially wary of cyber attacks and have promoted advanced training in information security.
  • Some academics partner with the public and private sectors in order to secure grants and research and development contracts.

Which schools offer online doctoral training in CIS?

Capella University

NorthCentral University

Walden University (information systems management)

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