Doctoral Degree Online in Theology and Apologetics


Theology and apologetics involves the study of religion and the defense of one’s beliefs. In this way, it’s an intersection of religion and philosophy. PhD graduates are equipped to lead ministries, to teach at universities, and to write and consult as professional experts.

What will I study?

Doctoral programs in theology commonly include courses in ancient civilizations, counseling, ethics, Hebrew or Latin, historical analysis, and religious texts.

What jobs are available in theology and religion?

Some popular vocations in theology and religion include: missionary; religious educator; religious leader; pastoral counselor; and youth ministry leader. At universities, people with PhDs can teach courses in philosophy, religion, and theology.

How much can I earn with a doctorate in theology?

According to the American Association of University Professors, full-time postsecondary instructors had an average income of about $80,000 in 2008-2009. Professors averaged about $108,000 and lecturers earned about $52,000 that school year.

Religious leaders such as priests and rabbis usually live on modest stipends or small salaries. A religious leader’s housing is often provided by the congregation, so his or her expenses are likely to be low.

Which schools have online doctoral programs in theology?

As of 2010, theology-focused online doctoral programs in the US are limited to those with emphases on Christianity and messianic Judaism.

Argosy University Online (Pastoral counseling)

Liberty University Online/Liberty Baptist Seminary

Messianic Bible Institute – Yeshiva

Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (Graduate certificate)

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