Doctoral Degree in Nonprofit Management


Doctoral programs in non-profit management are interdisciplinary. They draw primarily from business and the social sciences, focusing on business fundamentals, organizational behavior, and public policy.

What doctoral degrees are available in nonprofit management?

Advanced degrees in nonprofit management are usually offered through business schools. The two major degree types are the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Business Administration. The PhD emphasizes theory and prepares people primarily for academic careers, but PhDs can also go into direct nonprofit management. The DBA is more concerned with applying theories to real-world problems; DBA programs are designed for executives, not academics. Both degree types lend themselves to careers in private consultancy too.

Some focus areas within nonprofit management programs include fundraising, financial management, and public relations.

How much can I earn in nonprofit management?

The non-profit sector should not be mistaken as a “non-paycheck” sector. In fact, a research report using dating from the US government’s National Compensation Survey found few significant differences in hourly pay between workers at non-profit and for-profit organizations. Thus, top-tier executives can earn six-figure salaries. Pay is less at smaller organizations. At universities, business professors had a median income of about $80,000 in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

PhDs in nonprofit management are also equipped to found their own nonprofit organizations.

Which schools offer online doctoral training in nonprofit management?

California Southern University

Jones International University

Northcentral University

University of the Rockies

Walden University

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