Doctoral Degree in Health Care Administration


Health care administrators, or medical and health services managers, supervise the delivery of health care. In the US, they work in nearly 600,000 establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and the offices of dentists, physicians, and other health practitioners. People who earn master’s degrees and doctorates in health care administration may also choose to teach at universities.

Many academic and non-academic positions in health care administration can be obtained with a master’s degree. However, competition is keen for top positions such as CEO, so earning a doctorate may be advantageous.

How much could I earn as a health care administrator?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that health care administrators’ median wages were $80,240 in May 2008. Wages were highest at general hospitals and lowest at nursing care facilities and home health care services, although the relatively low-paid administrators still averaged about $71,000. Additionally, a study from 2007 found that pay was significantly higher at larger practices (those with 26 or more employees) than at smaller practices.

How is the job outlook?

Health care professionals can expect to have steady employment throughout their careers. As patient rolls are growing, the demand for administrators is increasing. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this career field to grow faster than the average career field until at least 2016.

Which schools offer online doctorates in health care administration?

Capella University

NorthCentral University

University of Phoenix

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