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Questions about Earning a Doctoral Degree Online


Initially, the notion of an online doctoral degree sounds odd to many of us who are older than the so-called Millennium Generation. We wonder how an online environment can reproduce the rich traditional graduate education. The truth is that some doctoral programs may never go fully online; factors such as certain types of research requirements in chemistry and medicine, for instance, prohibit a 100%-online program. However, many traditional doctoral programs can easily be converted to distance learning formats. For more information, read our answers to the frequently asked questions below.

Which doctoral degrees are available?

People usually equate a doctorate with a Ph.D., and it’s true that the Ph.D. – or Doctor of Philosophy – is the most common doctoral degree. Still, some additional degrees include: the Doctor of Arts degree (D.A.), which typically emphasizes teaching a certain college subject; the Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D.), which is for clergy; and the juris doctorate, which is designed for teaching and researching law.

Many disciplines award the doctoral degree as their uppermost degree, and the most prestigious jobs in the field are only open to doctors. However, doctoral degrees aren’t awarded in some subjects. Social work is one example: a person can fill the highest positions in social work with a master’s degree.

How long does it take to earn a doctoral degree online?

Traditional (on-campus) doctoral programs generally take anywhere from four to ten years to complete. After students earn the requisite number of credits through three or four years of courses, the remaining number of years depends mostly on the student’s speed in researching, writing, and defending a doctoral dissertation. For instance, a Ph.D. in psychology can ideally be earned in four or five years, but the typical student takes about seven years. Frequently, complications with data collection, responsibilities at home, and a desire to earn a regular salary lead to students delaying graduation.

Online doctoral programs can help students earn a degree more quickly. The ability to attend classes at any time and without a commute means that work, family, and school can more easily be balanced. Some online doctoral programs, such as the transitional doctor of physical therapy program at Boston University, can be completed in less than two years.

Will I get personalized attention?

Online programs offer excellent professor availability. In fact, since professors are accustomed to working online, they might be easier to reach than traditional professors who only offer a few office hours on campus. Depending on the program, professors and students can also communicate through classroom internet forums, interactive classrooms, and web cameras.

Prospective students should definitely consider the quality of a program’s faculty and the professors’ availability to students. A graduate education should prepare students to be critical thinkers and researchers, and this requires the guidance of a devoted faculty mentor.

Are campus visits required?

Some online doctoral programs are truly 100% online. Three exceptions include:

1) Some online programs require rare or occasional in-person attendance for orientation sessions, group work, and/or testing.

2) It’s possible to take hybrid programs and hybrid courses. These have significant online portions but also require attendance on campus.

3) Some programs require students to complete internships for graduation. These may take place at schools or businesses in the student’s hometown.

Additionally, some schools offer traditional on-campus graduation ceremonies to their online learners.